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Writers' Colony Fellowship Awardees

By sponsoring a fellowship you are providing a writer with two weeks of uninterrupted writing time.  The Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow provides inspiration in the form of seclusion or collaboration with other writers - it's up to the writer in residence to decide what they need to be most productive.


You have the option to choose who benefits from your support and what parameters to put on your gift, or let us design a fellowship for you. 

  • Select a specific genre.  Our writers create screenplays, music, memoirs, bios, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, mysteries, comedies, fantasies, romances, YA lit, children’s books, cookbooks, and more! 

  • What subject are you passionate about?  Past fellowship topics include architecture, culinary arts, the environment, fiber arts, LGBTQIA, mental health, music composition, mystery writing, and the aging mind.

  • Support writers from a specific background: veterans; immigrants; single parents; survivors of crime, trauma or disease; people of color; young people; senior citizens, etc. 

  • Funders have the option to name the fellowship. It can even be in honor or in memory of somebody special.

  • When we advertise the fellowship, the funder has the option to be identified or remain anonymous.

  • Funders have the option to help with the applicant review/recipient selection process.  

  • An individual 2-week fellowship is only $3,700.

Please contact us to discuss fellowship options at or (479) 253-7444.

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