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Parade in Eureka Springs Arkansas

Photo by CHIP FORD

Stairway in Eureka Springs Arkansas

Photo by RON LUTZ

"What I love most about the Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow is the creative spirit that dwells here. The spirit is one of individualistic expression, craft, creativity, art - which is what makes the Writers Colony at Dairy Hollow unique.  Being here is both invigorating and laid-back, an experience the Colony fosters by providing time and space and sustenance to do the work I am called to do."

–  Brenda K. Lewis

Tiger at Turpentine Creek, Eureka Springs Arkansas

Consider Eureka Springs a destination like no other. It's only an hour's drive from the Northwest Arkansas Airport in Bentonville (XNA offers direct flights to and from 18 U.S. cities), but it will feel like a faraway oasis. Drive U.S. Highway 62 for what may be the curviest, most scenic route of your life to arrive in one of the most enchanted towns you'll ever find. 

Stair-step town. The town that water built. Little Switzerland. Hoe-down holler. Eureka Springs has had many names in its illustrious career as a destination. One thing it doesn't have is a stoplight. Not even one.

The entire town is on the National Register of Historic Places and we have two of America's most haunted hotels. That doesn't mean you have to be a history buff or a ghost hunter to enjoy what Eureka Springs has to offer. Although a stop at our Eureka Springs Historical Museum will introduce you to the unusual people who lived here during our history.

Eureka Springs is a retreat from beltways and parking lots, high-rises and high-speed traffic. We're a quaint little place, more cultured than bizarre, and more fun than eccentric. Oddly enough, we seem to fit the needs of any worn traveler who comes upon her path.

The town draws people who march to the beat of a different drum. Artists, writers, healers, visionaries, and people with passion and curious ideas. We welcome others who want to hear their own unique beat, too. Since we're Southern and friendly, you're likely to meet a new friend or at least a character for your next novel!


While here, you can find a little of everything to distract you. Music, shopping, spas, art, great food and unusual attractions – like a big cat wildlife refuge and an outdoor drama of the Passion Play. It's our backdrop that will take your breath away.

The Ozark Mountains are majestic. Still relatively wild and untamed, these mountains fill Eureka Springs with beauty, with birdsong, with herds of deer and coyotes howling at the moon on a far and distant ridge. Crisp, cold rivers sparkle under the sun and call to the adventurous paddler. And early morning mists rise to join the steam from your coffee. The day can unfold differently here than elsewhere. We hope you will let it! Bring your Rockports and find a trail to blaze.

Check out our Eureka Springs Resources page for local events and attraction.


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