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505 at Dairy Hollow #usonian Writers, we
Fireplace in conference room in 505 at WCDH
Kitchen in 505 at Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow
History of 505

505 Spring Street was built by retired doctor Edna Dieley in the 1950s to nestle into the hillside.The house was influenced by architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s efforts to build affordable houses for Americans. Wright dubbed the style Usonian, an abbreviation for United States of North America. The style was an outgrowth of his earlier Prairie style homes, designed to fit into the landscape. Shared features included low roofs and open living areas, the use of brick, wood and other natural materials and clerestory windows, which are a row of small windows high up on a wall.


The house stood empty for a number of years after Dieley left, and it slowly began to decay and slide down the hill. In 2004, Elise and Marty Roenigk purchased the property and donated it to The Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow for expansion and future sustainability. From 2006 to 2012, a succession of fundraising efforts, grants and stop-and-start repairs and restoration restored the house to its 1950s glory.


Now it consists of five suites, each with a bedroom, writing room and private bath. There is also a fully equipped kitchen, a breakfast nook, a conference room and two communal decks.

Zeek Taylor (Muse 1)

The Zeek Taylor writing suite is at the front of 505 and has a writing room facing a wooded area. Read about the refresh/refurbishment.

Muse 2 writing room at WCDH
Muse 2 deck at WCDH
Margaret Wise Brown (Muse 2) 

Muse 2 has huge windows in the bedroom and writing room and a small private deck overlooking the woods.

Marianne Moore 2.jpg
Marianne Moore 3.jpg
Marianne Moore (Muse 3)

The Marianne Moore suite is tucked away downstairs and has a writing room with huge windows looking out at its own patio and a wooded area beyond. It also has a separate private entrance. Read about the refresh/refurbishment.

Diana Rivers 2.jpg
Diana Rivers 3.jpg
Diana Rivers (Muse 4)

The Diana Rivers suite is downstairs and has huge windows looking out at the woods in both bedroom and writing room. One writer likened it to writing in a tree-house. Read about the refresh/refurbishment.

Dupps Den Writer's Suite

The Dupps Den Writers' Suite is a larger suite. It has big windows overlooking the downstairs deck, which is shaded by the upstairs deck. Read about the refresh/refurbishment.

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