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Little Golden Gate Bridge photo by CHIP FORD

"For those entrenched in hectic lives, surrounded by literal and metaphorical noise, it’s a dream getaway."


- Aisha Sultan, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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Eureka Springs Carnegie Public Library

Let the sunlight tickle your eyelashes open to greet a new day and a new blank page. The hills and trees outside are awake and awash in morning sunshine, the birds scattering their song. Or maybe, if it’s winter, you’ll gaze in wonder at the long, thick icicles that hang from the bluffs in the holler. We are, after all, the town that water built.

Every writer has his or her dance with the page and pen. At the Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow, our whole reason for being is to support your efforts to write write write. Maybe your day will be inspired by a nature walk through ancient forests and bluffs, or the exploration of a nearby garden grotto and the satisfying way “ohm” echoes against the cave walls. Or maybe you prefer the short walk to civilization for a piping hot espresso and conversation with friendly locals at a neighborhood haunt.

Whatever inspires you to write, you’ll find it here. Your cozy writing nook beckons. It’s the write time. It’s the write place.

Without radios or television, writing time at WCDH is fiercely protected, but a writer has to be nurtured to sustain all that creativity. When the shadows cross long against the threshold of your door, it’s time for dinner. Our resident chef, Jana Jones—Czech Republic born, bred and buttered—never fails to delight our resident writers with her European-style cuisine. Served Monday through Friday in the Colony dining room, evening meals are a favorite time for residents to socialize. Here you may find new friends with common interests from the four corners of the world. For breakfast and lunch, we keep the kitchen stocked with the basics so you can put together a meal.  


Perhaps you’ll take a break and do some good old-fashioned research at our Carnegie Library, a few blocks from the Colony. One of only two left in Arkansas, the library opened to the public in 1912, and its architecture inside and out is a step back in time.


For you, we welcome the opportunity to be the first audience to whatever piece you’ve been writing while at The Colony. We guarantee you a heartfelt round of applause!


Resident writers join WCDH founder Crescent Dragonwagon in sharing their unique experiences and perspectives of The Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow in Eureka Springs. Arkansas (2012 and still is true).
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