Writer's Block? Take a Hike!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019 ● 7-9 p.m.

515 Spring Street ● Eureka Springs, Ark.


Join Cora J. Duffy in exploring writer’s block and how to beat it – naturally. After identifying three common root causes of writer’s block, writers will walk to the nearby park and springs to explore how engaging with nature can help them overcome these challenges.


In guided writing activities, participants will learn to "Take Your Character on a Walk" and how to encourage themselves to return to nature and reinvigorate their writing in the future.

Cora Jessica is a screenwriter, poet and essayist whose writing often explores place and one's connection to or longing for a particular place.


She is the recipient of the 2018 Moondancer Fellowship, and during her residency, she will continue working on her feature-length screenplay, “White-haired Goldenrod.” This script immerses the Braun Sisters, two senior-aged scientists and key players in early 20th century forest conservation, in the lush wilderness of the Appalachian forest. The film treatment for “White-haired Goldenrod” was an Official Finalist at the Cannes and New York Screenplay Contests and a Round II qualifier for the Sundance Sloan Commissioning Grant.


Cora grew up in small town, rural Kentucky and spent the past two summers leading travel tours to Yellowstone National Park. She holds a BFA in Creative Writing from Chapman University and a MFA in Screenwriting from the low-residency program at UC-Riverside, Palm Desert.


She lives in Dallas where she is currently developing a travel web series for kids in collaboration with her husband, children's entertainment producer/puppeteer Matt Daniel. The goal for the series is the same as that of the screenplay: to remind us, in these techno-progressive times, that an extraordinary place awakens our senses, inspirations, gut truths and memories.


Book your spot by calling 479-253-7444 or email Fee is $20 and space is limited.

Writing from your character's POV

Great weekend workshop in March at the Writers' Colony! Thank you to the fabulous Del Shores; you're an amazing, inspiring teacher. And thanks to everyone who took part!

Participants were (bottom row, left to right: Glenda Moore, Linda McBride, Del, Bill Ott, Allison Powell

Top row, left to right: Heather Huber, Crescent Dragonwagon, Mark Graff, Nancy Harden, Tim Caldwell, Mike Sledge, Wendy Reese David Hartmann


Let's hope Del comes back!

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How Not to Write Like an Amateur

March 19, 2019 ● 5:30-7:45 p.m.

Fayetteville Public Library ● 401 W. Mountain St.

Fayetteville, Arkansas

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Nikki Hanna’s workshop is aimed at both seasoned and novice writers in any genre. Nikki will teach writers how to make their work stand out and keep their submissions out of the reject piles of agents, publishers, and contest judges. She will reveal critical components of writing craft and share trending nuances of the profession.


Nikki is an author, writing coach, and writing contest judge. She received the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation’s Crème de la Crème Award and the Rose State College Outstanding Writer Award. Her book awards include the National Indie Excellence Award, the USA Best Book Finalist Award, two international Book Excellence Awards, and four Independent Book Awards. Her books are available on Amazon and through her website


This is a free workshop but class size is limited.


Registration opens Feb. 15. Go to:

William Bernhardt's weekend workshop

William Bernhardt held a four-day writing retreat at the Writers' Colony in June and we had a packed house. The participants all enjoyed the workshop - even the homework - and the chance to enjoy Eureka Springs when they weren't writing, editing or learning. 

Stephany Havens (above, left to right), Madeline Flannery and Storme Maynard at the workshop. William Bernhardt (above right) teaches participants. Storme Maynard (far right) enjoys a little downtime with Stephany (center) and Madeline (near right).

From Page to Stage works brought to life at Poetluck

Playwright Chris Ritthaler (left) and workshop instructor Kenn Woodard read from "Out of Time", a play by Wayne Nichols.

Participants in the From Page to Stage series of workshops, a collaboration between the Writers' Colony and Five & Dime Theater Collective, got to see their plays brought to life by local volunteer actors at Poetluck in March. The playwrights started with an idea and over the course of four workshops - and a lot of homework - completed their plays to the point they were ready to be performed. This gave them a chance to see how their dialogue and character development looked to an audience and gave them lots of ideas for improvement. 

Yip Yorbeck (front left) and Heather Huber performed "Some Might Call it Cherubic" by Bill Ott (standing).

Liz Kimberlin and Bryan Manire performed "Some Kind of Love Story" by Chris Ritthaler.

April Perry, (from left), Heather Huber, Yip Yorbeck and Liz Kimberlin performed "Last Call at the Dairy Freeze," written by Talya Boerner.