Funding a fellowship is a meaningful expression of support for our work and the community of ideas and writers we serve. 


  • By funding a fellowship, you will be providing a two-week fully-funded residency including all food.
  • Fellowship recipients participate in one community outreach project per stay, are honored with a meet & greet event at WCDH, and are encouraged to submit a piece to eMerge, the online literary magazine of WCDH.
  • Fellowship funders have the opportunity to select the specific fellowship topic, genre, or demographic.
  • Fellowship funders have the privilege of naming the fellowship if they so choose.
  • Our fellowship funders are acknowledged in the promotion of the fellowship, call for submissions, announcement of the fellowship recipient, and at all fellowship-related events. 
  • Fellowship funders are served dinner with the writers at the Writers' Colony during the fellowship recipient's residency
  • Groups of like-minded individuals or businesses are encouraged to work together to fund a fellowship. 

Sponsor a Fellowship