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The Writers’ Colony Welcomes Christine Allgood as History Research Intern for Spring 2023

The Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow is thrilled to announce we’re expanding our team! Please join us in welcoming our History Research Intern Spring 2023, Christine Allgood.

The History Research Intern 2023 is tasked with collecting, documenting, digitizing, and making accessible various documents, photos, and artifacts related to the history of the Writers’ Colony and, in many cases, founder Crescent Dragonwagon. These materials will be used for marketing, grant writing, and connecting with our writers-in-residence in new ways.

About the internship, Allgood says, ““I am so thankful for this opportunity to use my skills while filling in gaps in my knowledge and building a network of museum and library professionals in Northwest Arkansas.”

In addition to her role as History Research Intern at The Writers’ Colony, Christine Allgood currently works as Museum Assistant at the Joplin History and Mineral Museum as a Jack-of-all-trades. Her current favorite project entails returning Joplin Museum grounds to native prairie with the incorporation of sculpture, murals, and educational materials. She lives in Joplin with her firefighter husband, two children, a Great Dane, and his sidekick—a very cuddly mutt.

Tara Cloud Clark, Executive Director of The Writers’ Colony, said, “I am so happy to bring on an intern with such extensive background in the area but also with a need for professional development and networking that we can help fulfill. I can’t wait to see what she does for us in the next few months.”

The Spring 2023 History Research internship will provide a great base for future research, but the findings will also be developed into a “final project” of sorts. The internship was designed to accommodate the intern’s skills and professional goals, so the “final project” will be decided at a future date but may include online or in-person exhibits, a written history, or even multimedia content.

The internships at The Writers’ Colony are developed with the intention to provide support from beginning to end to help develop our interns as professionals, including incorporating multiple ways interns can benefit from the internship beyond skill development; an intentional interview process with a rubric that is shared with applicants alongside expected questions; and opportunities for the intern to direct their internship to best suit their preferences and professional needs. Through further development of our hiring processes, The Writers’ Colony seeks to create equitable opportunities, especially for those from marginalized communities.

We still have internships open for undergraduate students. If you know someone interested in media development, podcasting, communications, marketing, or working in nonprofit or the arts, send them to our internship page!

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