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Be a Part of the Evolution of Poetluck

Over the years, countless writers-in-residence and local writers have shared their voices at our monthly open-mic-style Poetlucks. Held on the third Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm, it began with a community potluck dinner. Readings began at 7:15 starting with our featured reader(s), then we heard from writers-in-residence, and then our local writers reading in a myriad of styles and genres. You never knew exactly what was for dinner or what you were going to hear. What you could count on was something special on the menu from Jana, a supportive environment, excellent company, and an altogether enjoyable evening.

When the pandemic shut down the Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow in March 2020, we thought Poetluck might be another victim of COVID-19. Then we discovered Zoom and realized we could also stream them live to our Facebook page where videos are available even after the event. It took us a while to iron out the technical issues, but Poetluck gets better every month. To keep them vibrant, we’ve begun to offer curated versions of Poetluck. We select a theme or topic and then invite seven writers to present work along that theme. This allows us to promote the event itself as well as each of the readers individually.

Of course, we’d rather have you here in person, but as long as Poetluck is virtual, it’s a platform for you to be heard from anywhere. Do you have a new book coming out that you’d like to promote or a new poem you wrote that needs to be shared? Or do you just miss the camaraderie of literary salons and poetry readings? Join us.

One of the many joys of existing to serve creatives is when we ask for ideas, the result is inventive and original. So we want to hear your ideas for Poetluck themes! Send your Poetluck theme ideas, sign-up to read, and/or host an upcoming Poetluck by contacting Michelle Hannon at or 479-253-7444. We’d love to hear from you!

Planned and past Poetlucks include:

  • February 2021: Celebrates Black History Month by spotlighting our talented Black writers and will be guest hosted by Janis Kearney, President and Founder of Celebrate! Maya Project.

  • January 2021: Writers interpreted the theme of “Time” in creative and unique ways.

  • December 2020: Featured our intern from the University of Arkansas and other high school and college-age talent.

  • November 2020: “Uniquely Eurekan,” showcased local writers and guest hosted by the Molly Scroges.

  • October 2020: Celebrated LGBTQ History Month featuring gifted LGBTQ writers.

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