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An Ode to Jana's Kitchen

While staying in the Marianne Moore suite last year, writer-in-residence Elizabeth G. Howard wrote this beautiful poem—an ode to Jana’s kitchen where weeknight meals are prepared for the residents of the Writers’ Colony. We hope it brings back warm memories or provides further incentive to gift yourself some writing time and space with us this year!

Jana’s Kitchen

This is Jana’s kitchen --

Stardust flour adorns

Every stainless surface

Working magic with the

Honeybears and hyacinths --

Sweet Dreams waits for the

Wishworn kettle to heat.

Pinned notes hold up

These walls, postcards to

Rewarmed gratitude in

Two-dimensions, a

Sample from our

Reams of dreams.

This is Jana’s kitchen --

Softened books leaning into

Each other, whispering

How to reduce life to

Its kernel. Here

She lays it all out plainly

Before us, simmered &

Stirred with lazy Susan spices--

Butter softening

Coffee darkening

Dishes languishing

The cook is humming

A song of home.

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1 comentario

Erin McGrane
Erin McGrane
03 feb 2023

Oh! I love this so much!

Me gusta
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