Advice for your first residency at WCDH

On August 17, 2020, we posed a question to our writers-in-residence alumni on The Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow (WCDH) Facebook group. We asked what advice they would give to a new writer coming to WCDH for their first-ever writing residency. Below are their suggestions. WCDH accepts writers of all genres and all levels of experience, without discrimination. That diversity is reflected in the eloquent and insightful responses we received:

Woody Barlow – Relax. Soak in the silence. Read as much as you write. Check-in with your characters. Enjoy your captured moment in time.

Zev Benjamin – Don’t be too hard on yourself with scheduling. The Grotto is a great place to go and mull over ideas!

Cynthia Erb – I like to pack my own ground coffee. I drive down so I probably overpack.

Crow Johnson Evans – Forget about the clock and consensus time. Write, sleep, and dream on your own schedule.

Marcia Gaye – Have a plan but not a schedule. Keep it loose. Get out of your room and wander. Allow yourself to be fed by Eureka Springs