Poetry Slam Damn! Thank you Ma'am!

WCDH board member Loretta Crenshaw (left) dressed appropriately to sit at the JK Rowling table at our September 2017 fundraiser.  Board member Charles Templeton (above) served up some salad to a guest and slam poet Houston Hughes (right) kept everyone spellbound after dinner. 

Molly Sroges (above left, photo courtesy the Lovely County Citizen) shared the stage with Houston Hughes and did her share of riveting the audience. Occupants of the JK Rowling table included (above center, from left) April Griffith, Piper Allen, Carrie Marry, Loretta Crenshaw and Megan Kirk. Zeek Taylor (above right) shared a story from his childhood in a small Arkansas town.

Jane Tucker (above, left) was a volunteer server for the evening, along with Lynne Barlow, (center), who greeted people as they arrived and then served up dinner. Board members Charles Templeton and Loretta Crenshaw (above right) pitched in to help make sure everyone got plenty of KJ Zumwalt's smoked pork tenderloin and roast chicken. 

Jane Tucker, (from left), volunteer Janie Clark and WCDH board member KJ Zumwalt, who was also celebrating her birthday, took time out to play in front of the selfie station. They were joined by Tillian and Jana Jones, who helped set up and kept the evening going smoothly.

WCDH board member Woody Barlow (above left) shared some of his poetry with the crowd. Board President Sharon Spurlin (center) told the audience a little about the Colony and introduced emcee Houston Hughes. WCDH Direcor Linda Caldwell donned a tiara and played princess for a photo in front of the selfie station.