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Marketing Intern I (Undergraduate)

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Undergraduate level

This is currently an unpaid position, but provides a $500 stipend upon completion of the internship. Undergraduate interns will also receive two 2-night residencies, one for orientation and one to be scheduled at the intern's convenience with the intention of using that time to write. and/or work on internship tasks 


This position is also remote, though we would like the intern to visit us at least once and meet in person if possible. 

The Marketing Internship (I) will help develop contacts for marketing and collaboration to further our mission to provide opportunities to writers from all backgrounds, including developing residencies, fellowships, scholarships, programming, and eMerge online magazine submissions. This is currently an unpaid position, but we’re working hard to make it as beneficial as it can be. This position is also remote, though we would like the intern to visit us at least once and meet in person if possible. 

Intern tasks include: 

  • Assess contacts needed

  • Clean up and research for email lists of target audiences including:

    • English departments across the US

    • Writers lists/groups

    • POC organizations

    • Alumni 

    • Conventions

    • Writing residencies

    • NWA local organizations:

      • Schools

      • Libraries

      • News outlets

      • Community centers

      • Museums

      • Bookstores

  • Help develop sustainable processes for maintaining and expanding target audience resources

Benefits to the intern include:

  • Network among relevant professionals

    • Work with Executive Director and Media Specialist at The Writers’ Colony

    • Attend WCDH events and be introduced as part of staff

    • Work with authors, organizations, and businesses to develop content

  • Learn valuable skills and information

    • General knowledge of marketing to current and target audiences

    • Professional correspondence

    • Advise strategies for reaching various audiences

  • Develop a project that can be used as a portfolio item

    • Processes and organization of contacts

    • Strategies for marketing to various audiences

    • Sustainable practices for collecting and maintaining lists

  • Present findings (written speech, exhibit, etc.), possibly host a podcast or other interview

  • Opportunities to develop relationships and mentorships with authors and other professionals in the writing and NWA communities 


Must be a student who has declared Writing, Marketing, or Communications as Major or Minor or have clear aspirations to pursue these fields professionally. Applications should be sent to and must include:

  • Resume with list of relevant courses

  • Two letters of recommendation demonstrating marketing/writing ability and work ethic

  • Letter demonstrating how you plan to use this experience in your professional career


Resident writers join WCDH founder Crescent Dragonwagon in sharing their unique experiences and perspectives of The Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow in Eureka Springs. Arkansas (2012 and still is true).
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