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History Research Intern Spring 2023

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Little Golden Gate Bridge photo by CHIP FORD

Graduate level

$11/hour up to 10 hours a week for 14 weeks for max $1540.


Benefits include three 2-night residencies- 2 nights for orientation, 2 nights for work during the semester, 2 nights at discretion within 2023.

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The History Research Internship will help The Writers’ Colony develop and interpret historical documentation to develop marketing materials as well as grant writing materials and potentially online and exhibit projects. This project will be in collaboration with several museums, libraries, individuals, and, ideally, other entities as the project develops.


The research part of this internship is fairly specific, but the presentation of findings has much more flexibility depending on the preferences of the intern and their professional goals. We will work to make any connections and get access to any resources needed to best benefit The Writers’ Colony, the intern, and other organizations involved. 

Graduate level - $11/hour up to 10 hours a week for 14 weeks for max $1540. Benefits include three 2-night residencies- 2 nights for orientation, 2 nights for work during the semester, 2 nights at discretion within 2023.


Duties include:

  • Discover artifacts, documents, etc. held in collections around NWA for The Writers’ Colony, Dairy Hollow, and Crescent Dragonwagon. Collections are held in institutions including but not limited to:

    • Museums

    • Libraries

    • Private holdings

    • City and county government entities

    • Online resources

    • Books and other written materials

  • Collect and in some cases create digital copies of all findings

  • Document all digital copies properly to be used in publications, etc.

  • Organize files

  • Create narratives for multiple purposes/audiences

  • Create presentation such as: 

    • Webpage/website

    • Video and social media content

    • Working with museums, etc. to develop exhibit (online but also possibly in person)

    • Presentation speaking event

  • Potentially:

    • Conduct interviews with founders and key people

    • Develop proposal for how to use the history in marketing, grants, and developing relationships with residents and current and potential donors

Benefits to the intern include:

  • Network among relevant professionals

    • Work with Executive Director and Media Specialist at The Writers’ Colony

    • Attend WCDH events and be introduced as part of staff

    • Work with authors, organizations (museums, libraries) and professionals, and businesses to develop resources

  • Learn valuable skills and information

    • Orientations at cooperating entities

    • General knowledge of research and content development (exhibit, blogs, websites, narratives) with correct professional documentation and processes including digitization

    • Professional correspondence

    • Strategies for reaching various audiences

    • Possible grant development topics

    • Digitization of documents, photos, and artifacts as they are found

    • Collaboration strategies

    • Free access to all WCDH workshops and events

  • Develop a project that can be used as a portfolio item

    • Process and organize information, documents, artifacts, interviews, etc.

    • Strategies for marketing to various audiences

    • Develop sustainable practices for collecting and maintaining lists

  • Present findings (written speech, exhibit, website, etc.)

  • Opportunities to develop relationships and mentorships with authors, museum and library professionals, and other professionals in the writing and NWA communities



Applicant must have a BA or BS related to writing, history, museum science, library science, or other related field or have a clear intention of pursuing a related field. Applications can be sent to and must include:

  • Resume

  • Transcript of related coursework

  • Three letters of recommendation attesting to ability and work ethic

  • Letter demonstrating how you plan to use this experience in your professional career


Resident writers join WCDH founder Crescent Dragonwagon in sharing their unique experiences and perspectives of The Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow in Eureka Springs. Arkansas (2012 and still is true).
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